So you want to become a falconer?  Many people see falconers handling their raptors and wish they too can one day have a bird of prey sit on their fist.  If your interested in keeping a bird for a pet, then I suggest getting a canary or parakeet!  Before getting into the sport of falconry you have to ask yourself the following questions:  Do I have enough time and patience to train a bird of prey?  Do I have enough room at my house to keep a raptor? Do I have enough money for this sport? Since falconry is a blood sport can I stomach helping a raptor dispatch prey, and touch dead animals?  Do I have access to property that has enough game to hunt?  Still think your interested? To help get you on your way,  I have provided two links below.  The first will direct you to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s page of falconry regulations here in NY, this will help you familiarize yourself with falconry and the laws for falconry in New York.  The second link is a website called “The Modern Apprentice” created by fellow Falconer Lydia Ash.  I have admired this website for many years and it offers a ton of helpful information and facts about falconry. This will help get you on your way.  Good luck and happy hawking!



The Modern Apprentice


220px-Falconry_sport_of_kings_(1920)_chart[1]Falconry stays and tools in 'Traité de Fauconnerie' by H Schlegel, 1853[1]220px-GoshawkFalconry[1]

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